I am often asked, "How do you DO what you do??"  I
have been Intuitive and Sensitive all my life.  I saw
spirits and angels and had paranormal experiences
in childhood.  I had many psychic abilities and could
sense things about people.  I have what some
people call "Second Sight." Growing up, I had many
premonitions and dreams that come true.
I am able to sense subtle energies and forces
around people, places, projects, animals,
businesses, and many other things.
I am guided by strong Intuition and Clairvoyant
Visions.  When I do sessions for people, I receive
many messages and impressions from the Angels,
Spirit Guides, and even Relatives on The Other Side.
I am able to connect with my Holy Guardian Angel  
and helpful spirits. I receive impressions from them
via Telepathy.  Sometimes, it is a direct message,
sometimes I am directed in  visions and see
significant events yet to come.
I explain to you what I am seeing, hearing, feeling
and sensing on this level of reality and Beyond. We
live in a multi-dimensional universe.
many times, my impressions have alerted my
clients to potential disasters and saved their lives.

Ghostly Encounter!!!!
On a recent trip to Australia, my daughter
and I went on an evening ghost tour of
the" historical waterfront district" in
Sydney, commonly called the "Rocks".

Nearing the end of the tour we visited the
home of a Sea Captain, who, in a jealous
rage murdered and buried his wife.  As it
was almost midnight and I was quite tired,
I proceeded , quite foolishly really, to sit
on the stairs of the homes' entrance
while our guide told us the chilling tale.

The next day I caught my plane home to
the good old USA.
Upon returning, besides the usual jet lag,
I continued to feel uneasy in my body.  I
couldn't organize my thoughts. It was like
I just didn't belong anywhere.

I then called Clarisse. After talking for
only a minute or so she said "You have a
very nasty entity attached to your left hip!"
Where have you been?, and where did
you sit down ?"

I was shocked and amazed at the same
time.  I told her of the ghost walk.

She laughed and reminded me once
again how important it is to always
surround myself with protection, then she
set about clearing my physical and
etheric fields.   She also gave me some
homework to do on my own, which
empowers me to be responsible in the
living of my life. The disturbance I felt was
gone within a few days and I was able to
carry on with my life.
...A little wiser, and grateful for Clarisse's
ability to see beyond the veils of normal
Clarisse is a gifted psychic, and my
Sedona, AZ
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"A friend a couple of weeks ago
referred me to Clarisse.  I had pretty
much given up on getting readings,
nevertheless, I had a strong feeling
to speak with Clarisse.  When I first
spoke to her I felt a warm, friendly
and caring person.  I am in the
process of starting a business and
Clarisse really spoke to my heart
and zoned in on what specialities I
would be working with on clients.  It
confirmed that I was on board and
going in the right direction.  It really
increased my confidence and gave
me much inspiration.  Clarisse also
pointed out that she saw me as a
"Tumbler" on the astral plane.  I had
not relayed any information to her
that I started gymnastics in high
school and had stopped to get a
job.  I informed her that I think back
about how I should have proceeded
with gymnastics because it was
something that I really enjoyed
doing.  Because of her insight in this
area of my life, it is something that I
feel I will pursue.  I was also
amazed how Clarisse read other
aspects of my life from my talents
to my health.  She was very
informative and it really resonated
with me.  I am glad my friend
recommended Clarisse and I would
highly recommend her as well."
Atlanta, Georgia


Hi Clarisse!

Please know that I don't expect you to respond to this in any way --
time is money, and I respect that!  I just had to tell you what

n our call, I mentioned a trip to Mexico I was taking with
my mother (end of April).

You told me to be sure to pack extra food because I
wasn't "going to like the airport food" and there would be

delays".... I am here to tell you just how accurate you
!  The story is kind of hilarious, so bear with me if it gets

We drove over to pick up my Mom for the 3 hour drive to BART,
and then the 1:18 trip on BART to SFO.  I had in the back of my
mind to go through a quick list of necessities with her, once we got
there, but promptly forgot to do that as she already had her bag in
the driveway and was raring to go.  So, off we went.

When we got all the way to SFO (4 and a half hours later), and I
off-handedly said, "You have your passport, right?" -- She went
totally white and in horror, explained that she did
NOT have it.  

Without boring you with ALL the details, l
et's just say there was
some major flight changing going on....

All was good in Mexico -- except a pandemic broke out!  
Fortunately, by the time they shut down all activities over there, we
had already gone to the ruins (twice) and a cool little island off the
coast.  We were really unaffected by it
UNTIL we had to go back to
the airport.  

Our flights traveled directly through Mexico City, so of course, I felt
the need to get masks and antibacterial everything to protect us!  It
was NOT AVAILABLE.  I tried everywhere...small pharmacies, big
pharmacies, Walmart, the gift shop, the tour guides -- everywhere!  I
finally managed to get two masks from a flight attendant - from her
own personal supply!

We traveled to
Mexico City -- and the incoming flight (our
outgoing plane)was delayed
.  The plane didn't come in for
nearly an hour after ours was to have taken off, so we didn't arrive
in SFO again (after
10 hours wearing masks and scrubbing with
alcohol gel every 5 seconds) until after midnight.

BUT - and here's the best part - I had packed a bunch of
protein bars because of what you said.  I packed three
bottles of water for us each and every time we left the
hotel - including when we went to the airport.  I insisted
that my mom drink water and eat protein bars
everywhere we went because I was sure (thanks to you)
we'd be held longer than we thought -- and we were!

I know you must hear all the time how accurate your
comments are, but I had to share with you that (as a
first-timer) I was very impressed by talking with you and
very appreciative of your foresight for our trip -- it really
made a difference!

- DD - Chico

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TESTIMONIAL   from  a loyal KOA Listener
Good Afternoon!
So I called in to Rick's show and was the caller after the
whole DIA conversation.  I thought I would tell you about
some background to what you told me.
The most striking thing you said was that I had a "huge 3
year issue" and something happened that kind of
ambushed me.  I am sending off this email because of
something you told me when you gave me a reading in
the fall of 2004 ( I was in a Red Roof Inn in Rutland,
Vermont) you told me I needed to quit my driving job or I
was going to be in an accident.  Being a truck driver and
a person who looks to psychic reading as much
entertainment as anything , so I did not heed your advice.
Well- on 12/7/2006 I was in an accident that cost me 3
months of my life.  The messed up part is that I was kept
out of work because I had post concussion syndrome and
they did not want me driving 80,000 pounds of rolling
death while I was, Ahhh--intellectually disconnected.  I
lost something like $30,000 in pay, I swept my 401K
empty, I sold a car I loved like a child and now I have an
issue with my shoulder.  The accident was caused by the
other driver and his insurance company only paid out a
shade under $10 K.  I tried to go back to driving, but after
6 months or so I took an office job with a pay cut.  But I
am much happier and I know my kids now :)
The funny thing?  That accident was about 3 years ago.  
And I have had someone approach me about my car.  You
almost scared me out of my skin with this one!!
Thanks!!  You have always been very enlightening.  Now
that I am listening :)
Sean Stacey,
Denver, Colorado

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Testimonial:  "  I talked to you on KOA Denver Radio,  
the Rick Barber Radio Show, 2 years ago about
purchasing a home in Australia.  You told me I
would buy 2 houses, and you were right! The
property we bought has 2 houses on it! You're
awesome!"   B.    Sydney,  Australia

"Clarisse sees things coming!  My family is so grateful for
your advice.  The baby is perfect, just like you said she
would be!!  Thank you!  "  P., Erie, Pennsylvania


I have known Clarisse for four
years, during which my life has
been a series of major life
changes. It’s been incredibly
helpful to have consulted with
her about so many BIG shifts in
my life.  
Most recently, my family and I
moved to a new country and we
were concerned with finances
and our need for a work visa to
be able to stay in the country
long-term.  I interviewed for a job,
was offered the position --
hooray! -- and told the company I
would need a work visa.  The
person I spoke with said she’d
have to discuss it with the CEO
but it all seemed fine.  I was
nervous because so much
seemed to be riding on this job
and visa.  So I contacted Clarisse
for insight and she said, among
other things, that she felt they’d
keep me on as a new hire and
that the law (visa issue) would be
satisfied.  Whew, that was a
Shortly thereafter, the company
contacted me and backed out of
the arrangement.  I was in shock
and stressed out, but then
thought of Clarisse saying they’d
keep me on.  A few days later,
after further discussions, the
company hired me after all.  This
was another example of my
going through “emotional
gymnastics” only to find out that
Clarisse “called it like it would
happen” and was right all along.  
Clarisse is a gifted psychic and I
am grateful that she’s in my life
and is such a good friend.   
Thank you, Clarisse!
BLESSINGS TO YOU!         Clarisse
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Enjoying a Happy Moment at the Healing Arts Festival
& Psychic Fair in Chico, California.
 See the
picture??? My prediction came true for this lucky
Mommy :)  She wanted to "show & tell" me her good
news!!  It's heart-warming moments like this that make
my spiritual work even more enjoyable!!!
Just look for the Angels on my table ....  I'm easy to find!  
I do the Healing Arts Festival & Psychic Fair in Chico
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I love meeting clients in person!  It's a nice treat.  I
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It's all about empowering yourself with Hidden
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It's good to know what is ahead of you!  Getting
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plans as your lfe changes.  Want to know how long
until the tide changes in your favor??
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Thank You!

I've been getting readings from Clarisse for last
10 years. Her great gift to see beyond and bring
the messages from her angels to us is incredible.
She expresses herself very well and her sense of
humor and laugh is a great addition to the
reading. She is compassionate and caring. She
tapes the readings which I appreciate a lot. I
listened to them over and over again and always
found something new I missed earlier.

The last reading was the most amazing. She told
me that I was going to design a new divination
system within 30 days and I would get the
images in a meditative state. Next morning I
woke up and got the inspiration what to do. I
had my system in 30 minutes!
I've recommended her to all my friends.
Thank you Clarisse for all your wonderful work
and dedication!
Yana, CA


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by Clarisse Conner 3/4/11  

"Miraculous Mother,
Please hear my prayer.
Spread your Gracious
Light upon us that we
return to our Sacred
Center, our Divine
Purpose and our
special place in life.  
Shield us from all evil.  
Bring instant help when
there is no hope, and
deliver us from the
rogue thought forms
and energies walking
upon our planet.  Shield
us in our daily life and
travels. Let our Loved
Ones All be
Protected by Your
Divine Light and Love.  
Thank You for your
Infinite Mercy and Many
Blessings. Amen!"
I just wanted to give you an update on a reading
you gave me several months ago.  I had called
inquiring about future career endeavors.  I asked
about two different fields of possibly going into.
You told me that one of them was going to work
out for me, but be careful as to how I approached
it.  You had told me to let the person come to me
and not make my intentions of wanting to work
for them known.  I did what you said and lo and
behold!! It ended up playing out,
word for word
as you said it would!   You had told me to make
sure to get all certifications in place which came
up when I was offered the job so I am making
sure I follow through on that as well.   You told
me in the same reading to focus on the word
"Joy" and bring that into my life in any way
possible.  At the time, I didn't think much of it,
but as things began to play out and
opportunities, especially in this are of work
presented themselves, it became clear what you
were trying to tell me.  I do have so much "Joy" in
this area of my life and couldn't be happier as to
how things are playing out!!!
Thank you so much for your insight, honesty,
support and for sharing your gift with me and so
many others.
Sincerely,   Melissa
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